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About me

I have had several years of health insurance experience. Through my role as an agent and previous trainer I understand the difficulty of the healthcare choices facing individuals, especially those on Medicare. My belief is that education is the compass to guide customers to an understanding of the choices they are making. It is the reason I became a facilitator for the Medicare Minute Program, which provides monthly presentations on Medicare related and other health insurance topics. It was developed by the Medicare Rights Center, a national non-profit organization geared towards educating medicare beneficiaries. My goal is to enlighten consumers before they make those difficult choices that can affect their future. 

Mission statements 

Helping to educate and navigate you in your healthcare choices  to  plan for a heathy and holistic quality of life. 

Company policies 

At Life Compass Insurance,  we believe educating our customer is the key to making the right qualifying life choices.  We agree that there is integrity in "customer comprehension" before a policy is signed. We want our customers to live long, healthy and happy lives they can enjoy with a quality of life planned from making wise healthcare choices now.

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Our  one on one  consultations are meant to educate and provide you  with the knowledge to make life choices. Contact us to schedule your appointment or to sign up for one of our educational seminars. 

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